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He was born in Epirus (Preveza Trikastro) in 1931 with his parents Chris and Evangelia Triantis.

In 1963 he married Alice archaeologist-Ismene Stypsianou They had a daughter, Myrto.

He studied at the School of Fine Arts under the sculptor Michalis Tombros and Academic. Of the years dating back to the School of friendships that lasted throughout his life including the Karimpaka Argiro, Bob Tsar, Dimitri diamond, Alekos Fasianos. He continued his studies with a scholarship from the Scholarship Foundation in Paris at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts.

He has erected statues in marble and copper in public places in Greece, as eg the Memorial for the executed at Distomo, the bronze equestrian statue of General Plastiras in Karditsa, o Maximus and Pyrrhus Graikos in Arta, busts of Emmanuel Pappas and •. Alley of Heroes in the Field of Mars etc..

Appointed as a service to the archaeological museum artist-sculptor in 1961.Ektote worked in museums and archaeological sites throughout almost Ellada.kai worked with all the archaeologists neoterous.Idiaiteri old and was compared with the more specific scholar of ancient Greek sculpture George Despini and charismatic director of the Benaki Museum Angelos Delivorias. In this capacity he worked abroad in France at the Louvre with P. Devambez and Italy in the Capitoline Museum by Eugenio La Rocca. . For the archaeological activities took honors from the Academy of Athens.
The contribution of archaeological work is reflected in the list drawn up by the professor emeritus at the University of Thessaloniki George Despinis which is included on volume "Ancient Greek Sculpture. Tribute in memory of the sculptor Stelios Triantis' Benaki Museum. First Annex (Athens 2002), pp. 9-16.

The occupation with the "cure" of the ancient sculpture was to Triantis something different from the practice of personal expression in sculpture. The two jams equally fascinated him throughout his life.

Station in artistic creation was his stay in Paris. In the first period created a series of anthropomorphic abstract compositions 1 to 8 and the second of architectural compositions 1-4. Both sections are closed and easily identifiable. From the first small emerged later compositions first to fifth. From the second series showed the monument of Amfissa.

In 2004 in Ioannina was a retrospective exhibition in collaboration with the University of Ioannina, Byzantine Antiquities and the Alumni Association of School Zosimaia. List issued simultaneously with custody of Isminis Triantis, George and Nick Katsikoudis Smyri (photo). The list of texts written by historian Associate Professor of Art Department of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, University of Ioannina Thanos Christou.

From the above it is clear that although the mood for creating this site is to give weight to the personal work of sculpture is not always easy to distinguish the archaeological work on but created a separate chapter.

A) Outside
Participation in Salon d'Automne to 1965, 1967 and 1971.
The report of the Société des Artistes Français in 1971
The report of the Société des Artistes Indépendents in 1971
The Report of the Société International des Beaux Arts The 1972 and 1973
Solo exhibition at Gallery Mouffe to 1972
Participation in a report on mining in Barcelona

B) in Greece
Participation in the 1973 National
Participation in the exhibition '78 Sculpture Filothei
Participation in an exhibition at the Art Space Halandri Sanctuary
Participation in an exhibition at Gallery Antenor.
Report on horses and mounted in the hall Never on Sunday in 1992?
Participation in the Greek Parliament entitled King Fereos-Velestinlis 200 years since his death, Donysios Salmon 200 years from birth

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